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Staying signed in allows you to receive IMs on your mobile device even when you aren’t actively using the app.

Note that the mobile apps don’t publish calendar status, so your status will never be In a Meeting or Out of Office unless you are signed in from a PC.

One of the great features of mobile Lync is that you can send and receive IMs from anywhere.

This has to work even if you aren’t using the app, of course.

Tap on your current presence and choose your new status.

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Shortly thereafter, Lync saves the messages to the Conversation History folder in Exchange, and you get an email with the missed conversation.

You are most active on the i Pad, so your presence is Available.

MPOP’ed presence will be new to people, but Microsoft designed the system to be very natural in representing your activity.

When you tap on the notification, Lync opens up the conversation and you start chatting.

If you don’t tap, the notification disappears after 10 seconds on Windows Phone and within a minute on i Phone and i Pad.

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