I currently dating a couple of anorexics

One of the key signs of anorexia nervosa in particular, is amenorrhea.

The hormones which allow menstruation, particularly estrogen, need fat cells in order to be produced.

i currently dating a couple of anorexics-62

‘Rather share your bed with a bone than a bloke.’, another patient said, flippantly. It is often a destructive, negative, limiting and brutal impact, and as relationships and connection are what makes life so worth living, it’s heartbreaking. Not only are energy levels often quite low, particularly for those with restrictive disorders, but all the energy is directed on food, weight and exercise.Judgments will be made about your capability based upon your weight, which causes difficulties at work and opportunities available as a result.It’s not just that friends and colleagues will not be having such an enjoyable time as before, as most people are not so focused on themselves and will try to help and reach out.There’s the emotion of body image, and how individuals who are so aware of their figures may feel about someone else seeing them.With such a distorted sense of one’s own body, it can be very difficult to consider that someone else may find it attractive.

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