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Delatour’s portrait was presented at the Salon in 1755.

It is exceptionally large for a work, measuring1.77 meters in height and 1.30 meters wide, or nearly 6 feet by 4.

The king and seven members of his retinue are shown dressed as topiary yew trees on the left-hand side of the drawing.In 1749, she moved to apartments on the ground floor of the central building, the lower apartments. From 1751, she was no longer the king’s mistress, but remained an adviser and friend.It is not known exactly when the Marquise commissioned her portrait, although 1751 seems the most likely year.Despite these detailed preparations, the work proved long and difficult to complete.As she wrote to one of her correspondents, “Such efforts to obtain it, and such precautions to be taken to bring the masterpiece to a happy conclusion! It would seem logical to conclude that Delatour followed the same procedure for the Marquise’s portrait, although the impeccable finish of the pastel means that no such lines are visible.

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