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That’s one of the reasons why many physicians have signed contracts with their local vendors.

However, how do you find out if things are not going well for your practice?

If you are willing to take this plunge make sure that the EHR vendor you choose is a good one.

You don’t want to land up using a substandard system with a substandard service as it will affect your revenue as much as a bad billing company.

Please read EHR vendor Analysis to evaluate a few of the top vendors in the industry.

Do not select a billing company solely on low rates without considering the risks attached to it Before I get into dissecting each medical billing company, let’s explore some of the options out there for you.

Many billing companies define collections as your practice’s complete revenue and charge you even for revenue they did not help you collect.

This page is your guide for selecting the best medical billing company for your practice.

a) Many low rate vendors have a minimum revenue requirement, which is set high, thereby making the low offer ineligible or unattainable.

b) Some low cost vendors only offer one time submission for each claim and do not provide services such as working on denials or resubmitting claims.

Moreover, most vendors with billing service will offer you their best EHR Software and Practice Management System (Medical Billing software) for free, which will allow you to have some control/ insight into how your third party biller is performing.

Be cautious however; don’t get stuck into the worst of both worlds.

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