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Apparently, only men with puppies are allowed to post on Facebook.

Occasionally, they also have their arms around girls that I assume they’re passing off as their daughters, to disarm you and persuade you to “friend” them. Lots of women from Russia also contact me, calling me “dear one,” and offering to strike up close personal friendships.

Luckily, men have been contacting me on Facebook, wanting to strike up friendships.

After Laguna Beach, Cavallari headed to Los Angeles and signed on the UPN reality television series Get This Party Started, which premiered February 7, 2006. She appeared on one episode of another UPN series, Veronica Mars, and went on to guest roles on series including CSI: NY, Cane, and Adventures in an American television personality, fashion designer, and actress.Born in Denver, Colorado, she attended Laguna Beach High School as a teenager after spending her junior high and freshman years living in Barrington, IL.She made her first appearance on the series during the fifth season's mid-season finale on May 31, 2009, at Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt's wedding, where she caught the bouquet.The second half of the season premiered on September 29, 2009, with Cavallari assuming the position of former main cast member and narrator Conrad.

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    As a child, I remember the old-fashioned Sunday afternoon drives with my family.