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I just feel like if I'm the one to marry them, I'm condoning, supporting, and celebrating a relationship that I don't believe in, a relationship that is pretty fucked up.

But there is literally no excuse in the world I can come up with to decline their request that doesn't raise the question “Why won't you marry us?

When he needs to, I guarantee you he’ll remember and use it.

You’ll find him in the parlour rooms of your heart, sad and sorry and fumbling, some day when you least expect it and you’ll give him tea and toast and love before he goes on his way again.

Open up the possibility that he might someday have need to discuss things related to his marriage.

You may find that you begin to question your patience or his sanity, or possibly both.

” I can't answer that question honestly or it will absolutely end our friendship. • • • Dear Brave Correspondent, First I would just like to say: This is the worst. It’s exhausting to have a good friend who chooses as Their Person someone you can easily see if not a good match for them.

So many awkward encounters, so many half-answered questions, so many hours spent trying not to throw dinner rolls at the troublesome person (that one might just be me). The first time was to someone profoundly, hilariously unsuitable for me. I wouldn’t have been able to hear anyone say anything even slightly negative about her for the first several years, so completely was I under her spell.

It's been a strain on our friendship from my perspective but he's so blissed out on new relationship energy that he actually doesn't have a clue I don't like her.

She did some things early in their relationship that raised red flags to me, and I pointed them out tactfully.

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