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enthused, “The debonair Ross conjured an image of Fred Astaire tapping a path down the Great White Way.” Recorded live in London, this scintillating program presents a wealth of fun/sad/wistful songs by the man who some consider the greatest artist of the American Musical Theatre, Stephen Sondheim.

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I had this dream of a city of artists Versailles by the Florida sea A sort of world congregation of artists All encouraged to set themselves free I knew what I wanted to be!And I also use very soft lead pencils, they're called Blackwings, and it means that they wear out very quickly, so you spend a lot of time... If there are too many lines, there isn't enough space [COMPANY] Smart! [SONDHEIM, spoken] The hardest thing about writing, for me, is getting started. You have to lose your inhibition so that you can afford to say something, perhaps corny or cliched. Wrote the score to Sweeney Todd With a nod To de Sade Well, he's odd Well, he's God [SONDHEIM, spoken] I write on yellow pads.[SONDHEIM, spoken] If there are too few lines, there's too much space [COMPANY] The lyrics are so smart And the music has such heart It has heart Well, in part– Let's not start Call it art No, call it God [SONDHEIM, spoken] I do use a computer to write on occasionally, but mostly to transcribe lyrics. I use–I've often used, anyway–alcohol to help me lose the inhibitions.And to make things look professional [COMPANY] Well, you have to have something to believe in Something you can celebrate Elevate Venerate Something like Venetian pottery Old movies Butterflies Politics Wine Picasso Skiing Stamps Musicals! I sip out of a, out of a shot glass, because once you're through an ounce and a half of liquor, if you want more, you have to get up and more [COMPANY] Nice smile Sweet face Real style Such grace That wit That's it (Sondheim knocks over a glass.) [SONDHEIM, spoken] Oh, shit [COMPANY] And does he know how to rhyme?

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