Dating guy lol muse posted

Pleated shorts with piping on the edges to match the printed top they’re paired with? One of my favorite moments from last night’s episode was Mondo’s freakout in the park when he spotted his muse, Grace.

Plus, I *think* he was wearing a shirt with his own face on it (which coming from Mondo is somehow charming instead of douche-y). Fashion face-off forecast: I’d like to see Austin Scarlett go up against Mila.

But man there were enough fake spiders in that episode to give me nightmares for weeks and weeks after watching it.

It’s especially important to remember that the Brigadier was there during the regeneration from three to four with Sarah Jane and he says those legendary lines, “Well…

Sure 99.9 percent of it is trite and well-tred cheater speak, but every now and then a nugget of pure mendacity stands out.

A nugget like — “You’re nobody’s muse.” Oh hey, I’m sorry Cheater. Was I supposed to inspire you to greater feats of creativity and failed?

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