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We are asking for 350,000 people to give to ignite phase1.Now, we say thank you for sharing your resources of knowledge, labor, wealth and dedication. TV seems to indicate that it does, but the reality is much different.If you think about relationships you see every day at school they usually start with attraction - boy notices girl, girl thinks boy is cute, they talk to friends, find a way to meet, and start spending time together.But the benefits that come from placing your future and your spouse's future before momentary pleasure are far reaching.

Why does that happen in a dating relationship but not in healthy marriage?Absolutely, sex within a marriage relationship is a wonderful, intimate experience that promotes bonding between a husband and wife.So why is it that adding sex to a dating relationship has such an opposite effect?Trapped in a never ending cycle of pain and suffering meant to bring about his full potential by being broken time and time again.There is only so much one body can take though and there is an entire world left to explore but for someone that has only had one home and one purpose, the option to leave has never been made.

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    Mostly sindoor, mangalsutra and bangles are considered as signs of a married woman.

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