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This short doc, in particular, explores how Twitter has changed the lives of four ordinary people. A high school student weaves the tragic history of his family, which involves terrorism, for his French-class assignment.

Most of us are familiar with the trippy story involving a computer hacker who learns from rebels the truth of his reality, along with his role in the war against its controllers. However, after the invitation to an Internet audience, the family story stirs up controversy.

blogging, and the relationship between politicians and the press.

What’s extremely unique about this film is that it features 140 filmmakers located in 140 locations across the globe who were synchronized through Twitter to film 140 seconds at the same time.

The film follows David, who after breaking up with his lover before Christmas, turns to his mobile phone, i Pad, and computer in order to stay connected with his 17-year-old ex Jonathan.

After his phone calls, text messages and Skype calls go unanswered, David begins to form a horrible plan in his head while walking through the streets of Manila.

is a gripping 2001 documentary that chronicles the dot-com start-up phenomenon, as well as, its downfall.

Since Twitter has been dubbed the pulse of the planet, it only makes sense that a documentary would take a closer look at the impact of the social media service.The whole film became available for online viewing on September 6, 2011.This 2005 romantic-comedy follows a group of intertwined characters, like a lonely shoe salesman and an eccentric performance artist, as they attempt to connect with others in this refreshing take on contemporary life.Definitely worth viewing for anyone wanting to launch their own startup.isn’t necessarily a “classic,” but its honesty and brutal portrayal of how Jobs and Gates rose to dominance is worth viewing. Well, just ask yourself this: Where are we now if not for Steve Jobs and Bill Gates? The film was broken into several segments across multiple social media platforms, including Facebook, You Tube, and Twitter.

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