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This victorious dance over the two swords became tradition among highland warriors.Today, modern variations of the dance focus on technical accuracy and precise positioning of the feet.TLDs are organized alphabetically (and chronologically, if applicable).If you are fascinated by the history and culture of the Cotswolds, one fantastic reason to visit Broadway is to indulge in the traditions of Morris dancing.Stickfighting was a ritual dance dating back to the days of slavery when men would duel with sticks (bois) in the centre of rings or gayelles, hence the word boismen or stickfighters.The wooden sticks used were from the yellow poui tree, and were about three and a half to four feet long, and one inch in diameter.

This is a great way to meet new people who have the same interests as you.

For a singles event check out Dance Dating, they combine two hot trends, speed dating with partner dancing plus a lot of fun thrown in for good measure.

Participants are taken on a flirtatious journey in which they learn some partner dance moves and get to ‘date’ each other in one-to-one sessions and all culminating in a group dance.

Join a walking, running club or even rollerblading This is really good way to get to know the city and it’s surroundings a little better as well.

Learn a language Learning a new language not only gives you the opportunity to expand your circle of friends but also gives you handy skill.

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