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The document also describes other district activities that may not necessarily expedite permitting, but improve the overall process. When needed, the most recent information can be requested by telephone. Information from this clearinghouse can be accessed from its electronic database via modem. Standard permit conditions Most districts have standard permit conditions they use for common types of sources.Appendices referenced in this document contain more detailed descriptions of district programs and examples of district permitting materials. In some districts this is achieved by using applicable conditions from similar permits.It also identifies measures the regulated community considers critical for improving the air permitting process. These are dynamic manuals that change to reflect current BACT requirements.The document is intended to serve as a reference for districts to use in developing or expanding programs to streamline permitting. At a broader level, CAPCOA has a statewide clearinghouse for district determinations. Some districts have put these policies and procedures in documents that are available not only to district staff, but also to applicants. In addition to expediting the process, these measures ensure more accurate and uniform evaluation by technical staff. Standard policies and procedures Most districts have developed standard policies and procedures for district staff to follow when preparing engineering evaluations.

In addition to the information that has been developed by local districts, the ARB Compliance Division has published criteria for assessing district enforcement and permitting programs (see Appendix L for general permitting criteria).

These efforts reduce the staff time required for individual projects, although the initial preparation of the standard materials takes time.

At this time, information sheets have been prepared for emission offset requirements, health risk assessment requirements, and BACT requirements for wood products coating (see Appendix J).

For copies of the appendices, please contact: Permit Assistance Section Stationary Source Division California Air Resources Board P. Box 2815 Sacramento, CA 95812 (916) 322-2825 or 1-800-ARB-HLP2 Table of Contents Page I. The Santa Barbara County APCD, San Joaquin Valley Unified APCD, San Diego County APCD, Bay Area AQMD, Ventura County APCD, and South Coast AQMD have compiled standard permit conditions, typically on computer.

The district has met with industry groups to consider their recommendations.

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