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FEBRUARY 11, 2018 NOTE: Some readers have emailed us regarding problems downloading the latest newsletter. You should be able to download it now from the usual links or HERE.Thank you to those who emailed to let us know and sorry for any inconvenience.It's both exciting and educational, a great experience for the whole family.Our train climbs 6,288 feet up the steepest railroad tracks in North America, passing through several climate zones on the way.Pages 18-21 One member doesnt know who owns a 12,000 square foot building before them.Another decides to debate in secret by whispering so the public in the audience would not hear her. Pages 8-10Thousands of cities, towns and counties have banned wood shake shingles on buildings as a fire hazard.This is just another expense in running this website.

The style incorporates forms of nature in its curvaceous lines and handcrafted details.

The Town and Country Board of Aldermen think they are just fine on a 12,000 square foot building in an area with lots of lightning strikes and with an annual fireworks show across the street.

Pages 10-12We got a response to our complaint that the Mercedes dealer was lying by claiming it is of Chesterfield when it is located in OFallon, Missouri in St. The complaint reached Germany and came back through Mercedes Benz of America.

This is our third installment on grand con artist Peter A.

Wolff who not only stole ,000 worth of pumpkins from a Northern Illinois farmer, but also had a scam of reselling hayride wagons.

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