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After Danny went off to college, she ended up moving with her parents again, much to her anger.When the Head Alien crashed the Walters family car, she rejected his offer to join him and left her parents to die, stating "See if Ah care." Head Alien called her bluff and killed them; Sal herself narrowly escaped thanks to the intervention of the mysterious Man in Black.It was during this mission that she first met Tony, the commander of Squadron 128; soon after she formally joined the Squadron, she began dating him.

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Walky got more than he bargained for when HA revealed that they were actually twins, and that Sal had been swapped with Beef as a child.

She also helped SEMME recover the Power Booster Rod from the Aliens. , the Head Alien began his Year Zero plan, making all abductees comatose.

Sal disappeared during the initial confusion, but resurfaced in time to saved Jason, Joyce, and Walky from the Alien base.

After briefly meeting up with Danny, she made the decision moved on to Colorado, knowing that Danny couldn't possibly understand her situation.

Here, she met British SEMME agent Jason Chesterfield.

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