Radioactive dating video

If you were around ten miles away from the reactor during the accident, you’d have received about 8 millirems or about the equivalent of 800 bananas.

There are no known deaths/cancers/etc that resulted from this event.

Not only should you not worry about eating bananas because of the radiation, but barring some major reactor meltdown, you shouldn’t really worry about living near a nuclear reactor either.

In fact, recent research has even begun to indicate that these extreme low level amounts of radiation you experience from the cosmos, bananas, and the like, may actually be beneficial to your body.

That’s why researchers had to stumble upon this discovery in the most unlikely of ways.

Granted, you’d need to eat about 8000 bananas to reach that level from bananas, but if you’ve ever had your spine x-rayed, you’d have received about double that just during the few seconds of the x-ray.

Intrigued, they checked out long range observations of silicon-32 and radium-226 decay, both of which showed a slight but definite variation over time.

Intriguingly, the decay seemed to vary with the seasons, with the rate a little faster in the winter and a little slower in the summer.

Physics professor Ephraim Fischbach decided to use the decay of radioactive isotopes as a source of randomness.

Although the overall decay is a known constant, the individual atoms would decay in unpredictable ways, providing a random pattern. The data produced gave random numbers for the individual atoms, yes, but the overall decay wasn’t constant, flying in the face of the accepted rules of chemistry.

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