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Presented in part to the Clinical Aphasiology Conference, May 28 2009, Keystone, CO; the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, November 19 2009, New Orleans, LA; and the International Aphasia Rehabilitation Conference, June 28 2010, Montreal, QC, Canada.To describe the effects of communication partner training on persons with aphasia and their communication partners.

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Specifically the systematic review addressed 3 clinical questions regarding the impact of partner training on language, communication activity and participation, psychosocial adjustment, and quality of life for adults with aphasia and their communication partners.

Twenty-three terms were used to search 12 electronic databases (eg, Pub Med, CINAHL, Psych INFO, Psych Articles, CSA Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts, Social Sciences Citation Index [Web of Science], SUMSearch, TRIP, EMBASE, REHABDATA, National Library for Health, Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews) and the journal “Aphasiology.” References from all relevant articles were hand-searched.

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