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Sur un autre prix volé que, après son homologue britannique et contrairement à la double lauréate polonaise qui venait « briser des ménages français », n’aura jamais la physicienne autrichienne Lise Meitner …The Woman Behind the Bomb Marcia Bartusiak The Washington Post March 17, 1996 In the history of modern physics there are names that perpetually resonate: Ernest Rutherford and Niels Bohr for unveiling the secrets of atomic structure, Erwin Schroedinger and Werner Heisenberg for establishing the rules of the quantum game, and Albert Einstein for recognizing that mass is frozen energy.

Critical, “sensitive” periods in development often intersect with the increased prevalence of risk factors at certain age periods of children, leading to the emergence or aggravation of antisocial behavior. Richard Tremblay's and Stephanie Green's comments on an earlier draft of the paper are especially acknowledged.The paper examines how different risk factors impinge on the development of antisocial behavior at different points in the life cycle.Developmental sequences are reviewed leading to serious antisocial behavior or to assistance of the behavior.They were an interdisciplinary yin and yang: Hahn, the chemist, Meitner,the physicist. Together, in 1917, they discovered a new element, protactinium.Despite the terrible gender discriminations of the time (especially in Germany), Meitner’s deft abilities could not be ignored.

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