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More assured braking, especially in the wet, make disc brakes a solid choice on a winter bike.

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A compact chainset with 50/34-tooth rings coupled to a wide-range cassette with large 28 or 32-tooth low gear may be a good idea.We’ve already mentioned that the fitting of mudguards is a must – they not only stop you getting wet, but they will also stop anyone riding with you suffering from your spray, and reduce dirt splashing all over the bike’s components.In order to fit mudguards, you’ll need a bike with clearance for them – so check that there’s enough space to fit them.Winter bikes traditionally feature a metal, rather than carbon-fibre, frame with many people still swearing by steel.If you are buying from new, you’ll probably pick an aluminium bike. It’s a choice that inevitably may come down to your budget, but you could put together a decent winter machine from new for £400-£500, much less if you go second hand.

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