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He has personal experi­mental know­ledge of very rapid rates of growth — even lab vessels used to collect drip water have become covered in a thick layer of calcite rock within less than 10 years.

Growth rates for stalag­mites of several cm per year have been measured.

Vlad junior earned his nickname, “Vlad the Impaler”, by his habit of thrusting people alive onto sharpened stakes.It was through my scientific work that I came to realise that the order, beauty, and sense of fine humour with which the world is built cannot possibly come from chaos and randomness—I was sure there was a Designer.“And for a long time, that was enough for my inflated ego.We had no dubbing facilities, so I had to do the translation live, 47 times in all.After a while I was very familiar with the visuals, and I preferred facing the audience while translating.

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    If you tried to duplicate the rig but are had trouble connecting to the internet, the following video should help.

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    He also scored the most touchdowns in one season for the team, making him the MVP that same year.

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    It’s natural and normal for teenagers to become curious about sex, and begin to explore their own sexuality.

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    How to Design, Implement, and Interpret and Employee Survey How to Develop an Employee Handbook How to create a clear, complete, and legally sound handbook for employees.