How to stop ie from updating webpages

Next you will want to select the sites that are giving you issues and remove them from the list, remember that compatibility view is there for a reason so only remove the sites that look funny or aren’t working correctly, they have probably been coded using newer elements that weren’t available in older browsers and therefore compatibility view is breaking them.

Then click on close and refresh the page, now older sites that you left in the list will still use compatibility view and newer ones won’t.

However, if you are on IE 11 and it is running slow, where a website may display "Page cannot be displayed" or "Cannot find server" error messages, with just a bit of housekeeping, you can resolve Internet Explorer performance issues and keep them from happening in the future. Internet Explorer caches web pages you visit and cookies coming from those pages.

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Take a look at the following table showing which versions are available on which OS and if they will receive updates and security fixes: * ended on April 11, 2017 ** ended in April 2016 *** until June 2018 In general it’s thought that if a browser has more than 1% share in your statistics, you should support it in some form.

However, in the case of the old IE versions we need to look at that in context: In fact, it’s highly probable that nine recently fixed vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer also exist in IE7 and IE8, and in IE9 and IE10 on Windows editions ineligible for patching.

In general, the less is more principal works well here - keep the Internet Explorer cache small and clear it often.

Here's how to clear your cache, or emptying your browser's history, in IE 11: When it comes to IE, it seems everyone wants a piece of it.

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