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Goo Tae Yeong: Eun, you don’t think that she is wasting her face??

Goo Tae Yeong: Truthfully, if you lose weight you’ll be as pretty as Su A.

If by any chance I found that my translation was used without my consent than I will only be posting summaries from then on, and not a full translation. Yeon Woo Yeong: Don’t try to bind her, it’s not like you’re dating her.

It’s only because I feel like you’re wasting your face.

I just hope he won’t get more annoying in the next chapter To read the webtoon in Korean My ID is Gangnam Beauty The link for this chapter in Korean My ID is Gangnam Beauty Chapter 27 Disclaimer: Please don’t use any of my translation to make any scanlation or gain profit from it. Since you’re born with a handsome face, don’t you feel it’s like a waste?

Please respect and support the author by reading their webtoon on their official website or through the official application available for download on your smartphone and tablet.

Hi guys, here’s the new chapter (think I’ve been saying that again and again, hehe).

I’m totally annoyed with Goo Tae Yeong character because he is just annoying, you’ll know why after you read this chapter.

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