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Since the highs in October 2016, sugar has been correcting lower reaching higher low than seen in August 2015 at 12.53 cents per pound in June 2017.

Since then, sugar has been in a trading range closer to the recent lows than the October 2016 high, but there are signs that a rebound in the sweet commodity could be underway.

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The go-to dating ritual of eating together is a little odd when you think about it -- or maybe this is just my own mild eating-in-front-of-other-people anxiety talking here. At lower prices, demand often increases and inventories begin to drop and a bottom forms in the market. Commodities are cyclical animals; they tend to fall to price levels where production declines. The exaggerated upright form seen here is only reached on the threshold of the Orientalising phase Specific Orientalising motives on the vases of this workshop are spirals and the leaf-complex (motive B). Pernice's comment ‘recht flüchtig gemalt.’ Pernice remarked a relatively close stylistic resemblance to the Analatos hydria and the exact correspondence of the heads of the lions. That this stylisation was an individualistic one is clear from the variety of other forms of dogs seen on more or less contemporary vases: cf. I regret that I have been unable to see the publication of a hydria, Villa Giulia 1212 ( Not having seen the original, I am judging from the published drawings and E. The Vlasto kantharos bears on the side not illustrated an oblong patch reserved in outline on the lion's neck.

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