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So, what better place for them to hide than in Barry alongside the sacred Baby Eve? Were you disappointed that Adam wasn’t the new vampire roommate? No, Adam makes more of an impact when he comes back for one episode. To have him around all the time…he may not be that funny.

Adam, with his crude jokes and even cruder gestures, proved a welcomed comic relief from a season-long plot that hinges on the murder of an infant. No disrespect to all the old cast—they’re amazing—but the new cast is great.

Yet it’s satisfyingly brisk and finds some uncomfortably visceral ways to embody the play’s imagery of a society plunged into chaos. Sinéad Cusack brings radiant authority and then a rugged abruptness to Lear’s loyal retainer Kent.

Dervla Kirwan is a memorably glacial Goneril, and Kirsty Bushell’s shimmying Regan is a chilling mix of glee and twitchy malice, while rising star Tamara Lawrance has a restrained dignity as their noble-hearted, modest sister Cordelia.

last night with his new fiftysomething girlfriend, succubus Yvonne.

They were on the run from the British press, who simply couldn’t understand the love between a graying seductress and a bloodsucking child with the soul of a 47-year-old man.

Did you imagine any backstory for what Adam was doing between and his return to Honolulu Heights? Is Adam a 15-year-old kid or a 47-year-old adult at heart?

Why was Tom walking around the house in Underoos when you and Yvonne first arrived? Probably because Michael wanted to get his body out, I’d imagine. Because his character is so crazy in the big scenes with everyone, with the sexual innuendos and all that, it was nice to have that scene through the door where he connects [with Yvonne]. That was something great in the script—none of that was improvised. He’s almost like the 40-year-old virgin, isn’t he, in a way? At least you know he’s not staked through the heart, so he can come back.

Discovering Kirby's treachery, Tom and Hal return to the house to stop him, resulting in a Mexican standoff.

This is broken by the return of a vengeful Annie (re-empowered by the restoration of the household) who kills and dissipates Kirby.

The reunited Honolulu Heights "family" celebrates Tom's birthday with a chocolate cake.

Lulu ended up drunkenly writhing around in food while Anthony and Kate retired to the bedroom to work on their chemistry in the sack.

Luckily, there is no shortage between this lot on screen.

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